College for International Co-Operation and Development

Volunteer in Africa and India


Are You READY For Big Challenges?

Would you like to take action together with others to make the world a better place, fight off climate change and be part of building a sustainable future?
Do you want to learn about life in other parts of the world through your own experiences?

5 reasons to join CICD:

  • To learn about the world and get a new perspective
  • To live in community and make new friends
  • To do good and be part of changing the world
  • To learn many new skills
  • To challenge yourself and your boundaries

Dream …. develop …. do!

Join CICD and become an activist for a better world!

By working together with our partners in Humana People to People and the local population in countries such as Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and India you can help to create change for the better. 

Alone the world changes you - together we change the world.

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Yes! I found it - another kind of school

6 months in Zambia in 7 minutes!

Courses 2022/2023

Students Testimonials - Why I joined and what I learned

    From our Blog

    Leave the door open.Leave the door open to radiant hope!Give the key to the poor man!Whose key to hope is the only wayWhen the weight of life is a bottomless well.How did the human get here?This is the deceptive system of greed.The number of weapons ...
    By Monzer Al Moussa, Poverty Activist team August 2022Hello again,We, the 12 month Poverty Activist team, would like to tell you a little about the great activists that we met during our latest investigation. This investigation was about the reality ...
    By Mafalda Silva, Poverty Activist team August 2022In 2022, after a RESET ECLIPSE, the History of Planet EARTH is rewritten, but this time, with some SPECIAL POWERS…In a neighborhood far away in the Universe, There is a young Woman Planet.Her name is...
    I am Viktória Borbély, a participant in the Gaia scholarship programme from August 2022.At first I didn't think I would apply because I thought it would be a huge change. But I finally made up my mind and went for it.But at the moment, even after bei...
    By Mafalda Silva and Kitti Szabo, Poverty Activist August team 2022Mafalda: An amazing experience.... I will do my best to be back at the OL 2023!!! I participated in the Olympic Games (OL) event in Tvind and for me it was a highlight to be part of i...
    By David Hegedus, Poverty Activist team August 2022I think we are talking about an event and experience that forms a defining part of our Development Instructor programme in addition to the studies. Not only because I had an unforgettable experience ...