CICD is an independent private college and a not-for-profit company. We fund our operations mainly by running a second hand clothes and shoes collection. We don’t receive government support or grants, so you need to fund your own programme. But don't give up - if you have "a big heart but a small purse", you can apply for a place in our Gaia Scholarship Programme! See more below!

Cutting the grass with the tractor

Cutting the grass with the tractor

Christmas is here

Christmas is here

Painting the bathrooms

Painting the bathrooms

The costs of the programme

The enrolment fee is £ 500 for the 12 month Poverty Activist programme and the 7 month Climate Activist programme.

For the 10 month programme, instead of an enrolment fee, you pay £ 500 of the course fees in advance when you enrol yourself.

The course fees for the 12 month Poverty Activist programme are £ 4,750.

The course fees for the 10 month Development Volunteer programme are £ 3,140. 

The course fees for the 7 month Climate Activist programme are £ 3,140. 

The course fees cover the costs for food, accommodation and educational expenses and they are paid at the start of the programme. If you start a programme, but decide to discontinue, you will get a refund of course fees paid according to the agreement in the enrolment documents. The enrolment guarantee cannot be refunded. 

For the programmes that have a 6 months project period with Humana People to People, the travel expenses to Africa or India are covered by a travel grant from the organisation. The Humana People to People project also covers the costs of food and pocketmoney during your time at the project, and they arrange the accommodation for you and your Trio.

About scholarships

The Gaia Scholarship Programme - how to raise your own scholarship!

During the Gaia programme you can raise a scholarship towards the course fees of the programme you have chosen. The scholarship also covers food and accommodation during the Gaia period. The Gaia team is based at CICD, and the programme consists of responsibility areas and practical tasks, mostly in connection with our clothes and shoes recycling project - and studies of environmental and other global subjects. 

If you have any questions, contact us here on the website in the chat, or contact Marie Forell: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or WhatsApp +44 7813 854 298.

Policy for refund of fees

Enrolment fees are always non refundable, also if students are refused entry clearance.

No course fees are payable for the Gaia course, so none are refundable.

For the course fees in general, the policy is as follows:

All fees are payable at the start of the course.

The refund policy is explained in the enrolment form signed by student and school at the time of enrolment:
“If I leave the school during the programme I will pay the total expenses for the time I have spent at the school ( £28 / day plus a cancellation fee of £700 ). Any refund is paid within 2 weeks.”

Students who have paid all or part of their course fees and are refused entry clearance will have the full amount refunded within 2 weeks.