Violence and Agression Policy

Updated October 2021


CICD accepts its responsibilities towards maintaining the health, safety and welfare of all its employees and students. We place high value on creating a positive working environment and take the view that any form of violence, aggression and abuse towards any person is unacceptable. This policy applies to all situations in which violence, aggression and abuse may occur in connection with the duties and activities of our staff and students.

The management of the school will:

* ensure that training is available to all employees to equip them to recognise risks and acquire practical skills in preventing and/or managing incidents of violence, aggression and abuse
* make sure that groups and individuals are given appropriate information, instruction and training (including training at induction, updates and refresher training when necessary)
* make sure that appropriate support is given to persons involved in any incident of violence, aggression and abuse.

Staff and students are obliged to:

* take reasonable care of themselves and other people who may be affected by their actions
* co-operate by following rules and procedures designed for safe working
* report all incidents involving verbal abuse, threats and physical assault
* take part in training designed to meet the requirements of the policy
* report any dangers they identify or any concerns they may have about potentially violent situations or the environment in which they work.