Policy for prevention of Covid19 at CICD

Updated September 2022


• Vaccination against Covid19 is required for everyone living at CICD. Booster must be taken when offered.

Returning after travel and work away

• When students or staff return after a visit abroad to a country like Denmark or Portugal which don’t require long haul flights, they don’t need to quarantine. They take precautions with masks while travelling, and they must take a Covid19 test on day 1 and again on day 3 after returning.
• The official rules at the time regarding needed quarantine period for arrivals to UK are always followed.
• Our own quarantine system of 5 days quarantine followed by Covid19 rapid test stays in place for people arriving from far away with long haul flights. Then they keep a distance to others, are served food and drinks and eat at their own table in the dining hall. They wear a mask indoors (unless seated at the table to eat) and do not take part in cleaning, cooking etc.
During quarantine they use a separate toilet and shower.
They can participate in classes – eg. Introduction Programme – while wearing a facemask and sitting apart at minimum 2 m distance at a separate table.
• People who have been away from CICD only one night, such as drivers on a double route, will not need to quarantine. They are recommended to keep Covid19 precautions when they are out, including the use of face masks when in shops or public transport or crowded places, using hand sanitizer often etc.
• All shopping and deliveries must be cleaned with sanitiser spray or water & soap.
• Change of clothes and taking a shower is required after a working day outside the college, or after food shopping going in and out of many shops, meeting many people.
• Change of clothes and showering is not required after a trip to do one or two things in town, but it is recommended to follow the above precautions when being around many people.

If you test positive for Covid19

• If you have Covid19 symptoms you self-isolate immediately and take a Covid19 rapid test.
If you are positive you inform everyone. All who have been around you during the last couple of days must also get tested.
You follow the quarantine rules described above.
When the symptoms have stopped, you wait 4 days and on day 5 without symptoms you take a rapid Covid19 test. If it is negative, you are out of your quarantine.
• If someone is exposed to Covid19 by an infected person, they take a rapid test and repeat the test again on day 3.
• If someone (let's call him/her X) is exposed to Covid19 “second hand” - such as spending some time with a family member or friend of someone who tested positive for Covid19 – X also needs to get tested.

Guests and visitors

• When we invite guests we are responsible for informing them about our policy to prevent Covid19, and make sure that they understand and follow it.
• Visitors or contractors coming for the day or some hours:
 They may be asked if they have been vaccinated.
 They may be asked to wear a face covering indoors if working close to people.
 They use a specified visitor/quarantine toilet by the dining hall
 They use their own table in the dining hall, if they stay for a meal
 They are served food etc. by us