Policy for prevention of Covid19 at CICD

Updated October 2021

Vaccinations against Covid19
For long term residents staying more than a day or two (be it staff, students or volunteers), vaccination against Covid19 is required. Someone can arrive with only the first of the 2 jabs, providing the second jab is planned for.
Staff who do not agree with getting vaccination, will be allowed to visit for 1-2 days under quarantine conditions.

If someone has symptoms of Covid19
If someone suspects they have been infected, they must immediately self isolate and organise to take a PCR test.

Arrivals to CICD (students, volunteers and staff)
For arrivals from abroad without vaccination: The official rules at the time regarding needed quarantine period for arrivals to UK are always followed.
For UK arrivals and arrivals from abroad who are vaccinated, we have our own procedure:
* There is a 10 days quarantine period.
* If they take a rapid Covid test, that is negative, after 5 days, the quarantine is over,
During this period, the following applies:
* They wear a face covering indoors.
* They use their own table in the dining hall, and are served food, tea, coffee etc by us.
* They use a specific quarantine toilet by dining hall, as well as in the accommodation building
* They do not participate in cooking or cleaning.They can help in the garden or with other outdoor tasks, working on a safe distance from others and using their own gloves.
* If they use the gym, they desinfect the machines and door handles before leaving.
* To stay for more than 1-2 days, they must be ready to get the Covid vaccination at the earliest opportunity.

Visitors, friends, the electrician & plumber, coming for the day or for some hours
The following applies:
They are asked if they have been vaccinated. If not vaccinated, they follow the above that applies to new arrivals:
They wear a face covering indoors
They only use a specified quarantine toilet by the dining hall
They only use their own table in the dining hall, if they stay for a meal
They are served food etc by us.

Staff and students returning from an overnight stay elswehere in UK
They follow the same procedure as described above for UK arrivals and arrivals from abroad with vaccination.