At CICD we take the protection of your personal data very seriously.
We store all personal data in a secure location that complies with GDPR (European Data Protection Regulation). Contracts and registration documents with personal data are kept in a locked office or store room.

We are registered with the ICO -  Ther Information Comissioners Office. Reference nr: A9071332. Security number: CSN8648683

Do we share your data with others?
No, we will at no point share your personal data with any 3rd party.

How we use your data
The personal data (eg.your email address) is used for sending out newsletters and other information about our activities at the college that can be interesting and relevant for you.

How long time we keep your data

  • By contacting us using the forms on the website you give consent for us to store your contact request/application for up to 3 years after last correspondence. We will not send you news and updates not relevant to your request/application unless consent has been given.
  • If you give consent by clicking the "receive newsletter" button on the website or within the form, or via chat or email, you will receive newsletters and programme updates until you unsubscribe or contact us to get your data removed.
  • We are required to keep a register of all our students for 5 years, so if you enrol in one of our teams your enrolment documents will be kept in a folder in a locked office for this time.

If you want us to remove your data
You can at any time contact us to get insight in your personal data or to request it removed. Just write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Then we will promptly delete your data from our system.

Who has access to your personal data
Only a few relevant people have access to your data, digital or printed.

In case of a data breach
In the unlikely case of a data breach, we will immediately inform all who may be affected.