From Helena in Zamfam project, Zambia

helena2-header People are kind, available and always ready to receive us ... They are fantastic!

The “Zamfam Project” (Zambian Family Project) is a recent project being implemented by Development Aid from People to People  (DAPP), together with "Creative", "Kafhi" and "NZPT", with funds and technical support from the American People through USAID.   


The aim of this project is to improve the quality of the people's life, in the villages, in communities ….and especially for the children. For example by supporting, protecting and reinforcing the importance of basic hygiene and health conditions for a better and more dignified life.

In this project several points are fundamental:

  • To make communities aware of the importance of latrines, bathing areas, washing and drying areas, tippy-taps (simple hand-washing devices), rubbish disposal areas etc.
  • The importance of keeping the whole village clean.
  • Children have to go to school, when this does not happen, find out why and act accordingly.
  • Children have to be happy, healthy and well fed, when this does not happen find out why and act accordingly ... Ask for help from the communities if necessary.
  • Doing frequent HIV tests.
  • If the families have animals, they need to have an area of their own and it should always be kept clean.
  • A water pump in every village
  • To arrange families to take care of the orphans.
  • To inform about family planning.

3 times a year, DAPP delivers vegetable seeds to the various communities to be sown and later harvested. The vegetables are for own consumption and also for sale so that families can raise some money for their livelihood.

This is a very interesting project in which we are in contact directly with the people of the various communities so that we can understand their biggest needs.
People are kind, available and always ready to receive us ... They are fantastic!
We probably will not make a big difference in the lives of these people - but surely these people are making a difference in our lives. Every day they give us a lesson in humility and how it is possible to smile even with so many needs and challenges.


Helena, Fighting with The Poor 18 months programme 2016

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