Update from CICD in the time of pandemic

1800x630_coronavirus Take care of yourself and yours - and stay safe!

Dear friend.   

In the time of this Covid19 pandemic, we are healthy and safe here at the College in rural East Riding of Yorkshire. We are doing all we can to adapt to the situation, to keep safe and take good care of each other and the people around us.

While dealing with the situation here in England and how the virus affects our lives in this part of the world, it is also important to keep the perspective. We need to remember that while it is problematic and causes interruptions for us, we actually have good possibilities to protect ourselves and limit the effects and spread of the pandemic, compared to many other places. Our partners and friends that we work with in countries such as Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana and India are facing a very different situation.

The resources to inform the population and to provide care and support are not available at all to the same extent as here in our part of Europe – and this means that for example Mozambique already have closed the borders, have made contingency plans and are negotiating with donors how to get more funds for fighting this virus, even before any case has yet been tested positive. They know they must act very fast and very decisively.

At CICD, we have made a number of changes in our daily programmes here at CICD, as well as in our course plan

  • Our teams that are running now (12 month team, 10 month team and Gaia team) have all modified their programmes and are based mainly here at the college during the next 2 months
  • Our Development Instructors in placements with Humana People to People are going back to their home countries for now
  • Our 10 month programme that was planned to start in June will instead start in August
  • Our 10 month programme that was planned to start in October will instead start in November
  • Our monthly Preparatory Weekends during April and May at CICD are cancelled
  • Presentations and public meetings during April and May are cancelled
  • Our Open Sunday in June is postponed for later in the summer
  • Our Clothes & Shoes collection is continuing activities with emptying and placing clothing banks, but with strict hygiene policies for the drivers to stay safe.

Our focus now is to support all efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus, and stick together with our students, friends & family and staff.

Take care of yourself and yours - and stay safe!

Many warm wishes from CICD teachers council

Hull, north east England 22.3.2020

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