Creating development shoulder to shoulder - Humana People to People progress report 2020


At CICD we are very happy and proud to be partners of Humana People to People, since we started our first volunteer programmes in 1998!

Below an introduction from their Progress report - and click on the link further down to read the full report:

"Humana People to People spans the globe through 29 independent national member associations. We grew out of a progressive education movement in the 1970s, rooted in the struggle against apartheid and colonialism.

Today, we are committed to tackling some of the world’s major humanitarian, social and environmental challenges. Forty years after we began, the needs of our planet and its inhabitants are more urgent and complex than ever.
The Federation for Associations connected to the International Humana People to People Movement – in short, the Federation Humana People to People – was formally established in 1996. It supports members delivering critical on-the-ground programmes across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America. We are all committed to the same agenda: protecting the planet, building communities and supporting people by connecting them with others, unleashing their potential for positive change and action.

At our heart is a set of principles on how to create development and to raise funds for it. This ethos is shared by the countless partners, national and international, who have supported – and continue to support – our work of over the years. Our activities are aligned with the UN 2030 Agenda. Working side by side with people in their communities and our numerous partners, we support countries as they strive to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, creating lasting positive change in the process.
This 2020 report covers the important work we’ve been undertaking across our five main programme themes: community development, sustainable agriculture and environment, health, education and the collection and sale of secondhand clothes."


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Carina Andrade, Development Instructor


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