Our Environmental Centre for a Livable Future

During the spring and summer 2018 a lot of things have happened here!

Tamas who is in the lead of the Environmental Centre, explains about our visions and actions until now:

At CICD we are continuously developing our Environmental Centre in order to contribute to diminishing the effects of Climate Change. Drawing attention to the changes and at the same time offering solutions decreasing it, is the main focus. Our tools are sustainability, stewardship and proper education.

Multiple projects has been started up in our Environmental Centre this year:

  • We are putting up our first solar panel and plan to move towards green energy as this is one of the the long term solutions against using fossil fuels.
  • A botanic garden is being created to show our incredible floral diversity. Identifying all the species of trees and bushes we have, a beautiful job to do what helps us educate our students to become Stewards of Tomorrow.
  • Our small pond is being cleaned and organised in order to have a nice place for resting and doing sport activities by the Assault Course that is being constructed.
  • A study path will be created in the forest with pictures and description of local flora and fauna. Our school is opening its gates for visitors and organized school groups, which definitely will benefit from this study path and all the other new initiatives as well.
  • Our productive Perma Culture garden is richer now, with a vertical garden, a small forest garden and a clay oven.
  • As part of the Environmental Centre project we have prepared a fenced area and a barn for a pair of donkeys we will adopt in the nearest future.
  • We also got Humus, a brand new Jack Russel terrier who will act as a natural predator in the area, secure a healthy and diverse ecosystem.
  • In our organic Garden Farm we are producing vegetables, fruits, herbs and eggs in order to get closer to sustainability. The meat production means chicken, duck and goose. By motivating our students to get closer to nature, get knowledge about nature and interact with nature we are educating Stewards of Tomorrow. They will carry on our vision and spirit, which is important.


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