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The Sea of Hands - for the rights of Australian Indigenous people

The Sea of Hands is an Australian (physical) and world-wide (via the web) action to support the rights of the Indigenous Australian population. It is organised by The National organisation, Australians for Native Title & Reconciliation (ANTaR) and started in 1997.

On the 12th of October 1997, the Sea of Hands paved its way into Australian history books as 70,000 members of culturally diverse communities in Australia protested outside Parliament House in Canberra. The Sea of Hands was a protest in opposition to the Howard Government’s proposed amendments to the Native Title Act of 1993.

The Sea of Hands is a prominent Australian symbol of Indigenous rights to land, the on-going process of Reconciliation, and the desire for greater mutual understanding and respect between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. Today, almost 250,000 Australians have put their signatures on a hand in the Sea of Hands and helped in its installation in every major city around Australia, as well as many localities throughout Victoria.

You can add you own hand on line from the web site of ANTaR.:


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