We are going for green energy at CICD!

We recently introduced our new green energy project at CICD Environmental Centre, in order to promote renewable energy in the school and also in nearby communities.

Our world is on the edge of turmoil due to the limitless usage of fossil fuel, pesticides, and all sort of chemicals and waste as the final “product” of vast production. What can be possibly done to help Mother Nature carry this burden? We do organic gardening for instance; we are composting, recycling, planting trees around and customising our consumption.

Further more our new green energy project has been introduced. We started with a solar panel, then two more, and now three more of them are on the way. We extended our solar system by a wind turbine to have a proper hybrid system for the Garden Farm. We use our green energy for light, to use small machinery and to charge our electrical equipment. We are also planning to extend our hybrid system even more. A heating system is required in the greenhouse, so why should we not use renewable energy for it?
We are fighting for a better world, this is one of the ways how we do it.

Climate Activists first 7 weeks in India!
Development Instructor in Zambia


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Monday, 04 July 2022