College for International Co-Operation and Development

Volunteer in Africa and India


Are You READY For Big Challenges?

Would you like to take action together with others to make the world a better place, fight climate change and be part of building a sustainable future?
Do you want to learn about life in African countries and India by your own experience?

5 reasons to join CICD!

  • To learn about the world and get a new perspective
  • To live in community and make many new friends
  • To do good and help create change in the world
  • To learn many new skills
  • To challenge yourself and your boundaries

Dream …. develop …. do!

Join CICD to become a Development Volunteer or a Climate Activist!

By working together with our partner Humana People to People and the local population in countries like Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau or India you help to create change and get a new understanding and perspective of the world we live in.

Together we can create a better future.

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CICD - a college for activists!

6 months in Zambia in 7 minutes!

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Students Testimonials - Why I joined and what I learned



    The slogan of the college is “let’s act”, and I’m very happy because I could do exactly that. And you, what are you waiting for?


    We could get a little piece of African reality as we went to our project. We could taste the bitterness of poverty and we were able to do our part making the world a better place to live.


    Most important of all for me: the acceptance that no one is perfect and the important thing is that you give the best of you.


    In CICD I had grown and changed a lot. I had to adapt, be tolerant, respect others and most importantly, be humble.


    Adapting to CICD meant motivating students, communicating in a different language, and leaving the comfort of my old life.


    CICD has been a great learning experience for me. I learned so much in these 2 years that it surprises even me how greatly I have changed.

    From our Blog

    At CICD we have close to a negative carbon foot-print, because of our clothes and shoes recycling project. But we want to become much more sustainable in more areas. The slogan "Think global - act local" says it all -  this is exactly what we pr...
    Aitana asked Noemi to tell a little about her life and her experiences from Mozambique.I’m Noemi, I come from Romania, from the part of Transylvania and I studied social work. I always had a special attraction to Africa, I knew that one day I will go...
    The Climate Activist team invited all of us for a fantastic dinner earlier in the week...it was beautiful, really tasty and well prepared...and: made only from what we have grown in our garden farm: pumpkins, courgettes, different vegetables, potatoe...
    By Daniela Morales, Poverty Activist October team 2020That's right ... it's amazing how in five words (An African Night at CICD) you can summarise in a simple way what a whole week of dedication and teamwork organising an event at school was. But, ho...
    Since I arrived here at CICD, I feel as if many moments of the day are acquiring more value thanks to the sharing of them with other people and I'm very grateful for that.There is a place in Yorkshire, lost between the fields and the English farms, a...
    WHY I DECIDED TO VOLUNTEERWe say we love Nature, but do we really care about it?We say we love people, but do we know what is going on around the world? Do we know something about pollution, hunger, slavery, illnesses, forced prostitution and child a...