1. Can I take my child with me? 
    No, we do not have facilities for children at the projects or at the school.
  2. Can I visit my family and friends during the programme – and can they visit me?
    Yes, you have open weekends and also a short holiday, where you can visit family and friends, and you are most welcome to invite family and friends to the college. As the programme is very much “full time” and you often have activities also in the evenings and weekends, you need to agree about when to have visitors with your team and teacher. 
  3. My sister is getting married in June. Can I go to her wedding even if it not in an open weekend?
    Yes - we are not going to refuse you to go to a very important event! We all have things going on in our lives that do not exactly fit into the programme. It will, however, be your own responsibility to organise to catch up on what you will be missing.