1. What are the costs of the volunteer programmes?

    For the 10 month programme, the course fees are £ 3,040.
    For the 12 month programme, the course fees are £ 4,600.

    • For the programmes with a 6 month project period, the travel expenses to the project in Africa or India are covered by a travel grant from Humana People to People. For the 12 month programmes, the course fees also cover a monthly allowance of £30 for you to use for personal things.
    • To enrol in the 12 month programme, you pay an enrolment fee of £ 450. For the 10 months programme, you instead pay £ 500 of the course fee in advance.
      When you are at the project during the 6 month service period, Humana People to People covers the costs for your food and pocket money, and arranges the accommodation for you and your Trio, normally at the project.The course fees cover the costs for food, accommodation and educational expenses, and they are paid at the start of the programme.
  2. Why do I have to pay to do voluntary work? 
    Actually, you don’t. What you pay for here are the expenses for the training, preparation and investigation travels before the service period of 6 months voluntary work, and the follow up period of further studies and journalism afterwards. 
    CICD is an independent college, and we fund our operations mainly by running a second hand clothes and shoes collection. We don’t receive government support or grants. You need to find a solution for funding your own programme. If you have difficulties raising the money at home, one solution may be to apply for a place in our scholarship programme, the Gaia Course. Read more here about this
  3. Is it possible to join also if I have very little money?
    Yes! You are welcome to apply for a place in the scholarship programme, the Gaia Course. This programme is organised as part educational programme/ part recycling project of clothes and shoes.
    In the Gaia course, it is possible to “raise your own scholarship” – with your efforts you help to improve the earnings of the clothes collection run by the college. To raise a full scholarship will normally take you 6 months.
  4. Can I have a weekend or evening job when I do the training to earn some pocket money for myself? 
    No. The programme is very intensive and has day, evening and weekend activities. Our advice is that you have the pocket money you will need saved up before you start at CICD. 
  5. How much pocket money will I need?
    It is difficult for us to say - a lot depends on your personal needs. If you enrol for the 12 month programme, the course fees also cover a monthly allowance of £30 for you to use for personal things. If you smoke, and if you travel to see friends and family every open weekend, you will obviously need a lot more than a non-smoker who stays at the school during open weekends. 
    You don’t actually need a lot - your programmed transport is covered, you have food, accommodation and internet, and each team even has a budget for cultural activities. We suggest that you make your own budget - you are welcome to contact us, if you want help.