1. What is the Gaia Course?
    The Gaia Course is a programme focusing on environmental issues. It is a course with a very hands-on approach to the subject matter, so apart from the studies, you will also take part in practical projects. The biggest one of these is a container collection of second hand clothes and shoes. The clothes are sold in bulk to customers in UK and Eastern Europe. The proceeds of the Gaia team activities are placed in a scholarship fund of the college.
    Most participants in the Gaia team qualify for a scholarship from our scholarship fund and continue in one of our volunteer programmes at CICD
  2. Where will I be staying if I join the Gaia team?
    The Gaia Course takes place here at CICD, but you may also have tasks in other areas of our clothes and shoes collection for a period of time.
  3. Can I earn some pocket money for myself by joining the Gaia team and collecting clothes?
    No. All the proceeds are placed in the scholarship fund, so nothing is paid out to individuals.
  4. Can I start the Gaia Course with basic English?
    Yes, you can – but you must be ready to work hard to improve your language skills. We don’t have English lessons for you in the programme, you need to be the driving force in teaching yourself the language, and get the other students here to help you!