TCE is a community mobilisation programme focused on preventing HIV transmission. The foundation of TCE is that only the people can liberate themselves from the HIV epidemic. The programme raises awareness about HIV, mobilises people to change their behaviour and utilise health services such as HIV testing, treatment for HIV (anti- retroviral treatment, ART) treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and opportunistic infections, participation in maternal and child health programmes and TB treatment.

The basis of the TCE programme is a dialogue on HIV/Aids between a TCE field officer and all individuals in the Field of 2000 people. TCE is systematically covering all people in a TCE Area. This is a geographic unit of 100.000 people. Fifty TCE Field Officers are employed in a TCE Area, with each assisting 2.000 people. Each single person in the area is mobilised to take control of HIV in his / her own life. The Field Officer assists individuals to draft a personal HIV risk reduction plan and supports the people in changing sexual behaviour and lifestyle.
In 2015 alone TCE was reaching out to around 5 million people in 51 different areas.


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