The idea of Hope Humana projects is to give people hope and the ability to face HIV/AIDS. It is a People to People strategy based on people coming together and acting to realise the hope for life. The Hope projects work through actions that prevent infections, lead to a healthier life with HIV and create many alliances and structures for people to support each other to deal with the consequences of the HIV pandemic.
The Hope Humana project has a centre for its activities, but works with people in their communities to ensure that it is easy for people to meet, support each other and follow up on PMTCT( Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission), TB treatment, ART (Anti Retroviral treatment) and other activities.
The strategy of Hope is based on that the Hope activists take the lead in reaching out to the community. They are trained in community mobilisation skills and HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support. Testing services with follow-up are also provided, and referrals are made as needed to support groups, to treatment centres and other health services.


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