My name is Tamas, I arrived to CICD when I was 34 years old in the year 2012. I come from Hungary, there I had a small gardening company.
Before knowing CICD, I felt like doing something like this. I wanted to know something new, contribute and help.
Then, in CICD I made my Gaia (scholarship) doing clothes collection. In that period the most beatiful experience was to meet my wife.
In that moment we were 65 people here. We had a good relationship because we all worked for the same goal. We had some small conflicts, but no more important.
On my first day as a Development Instructor (DI) we were very happy because it was a big change. My programme was 18 months, I chose it because it was not so long or so short, it was just the right time for me at that time. Today if I choose again, I would choose 21 months, because you have more time to enjoy.
My team was 22 people in the beginning and we finished 13. We divided in trios, in different projects. My team was 3 people to Zambia.

What meant most to me during my programme was living in community, because it was a very happy and positive experience but sometimes very hard.
Finally we arrived to Africa and that what struck me the most was the life in the communities very far from the city, simple but difficult.
With my team we developed programmes with children. We made play grounds and we fixed water pumps, among other things.
When my programme ended, I liked the organisation and I decided to stay, developing more projects. I returned to Africa, this time to Mozambique in a nutrition program that lasted three years.
What motivated me to continue was that I realised that we can make a difference. To now be a teacher at CICD is just one more step to confirm my desire to continue collaborating.
When the school proposed the Gaia Environmental Centre project I immediately took the decision to come because I really like it a lot. I love doing this job. It was a great opportunity.
What inspired me the most in the development of the project was to carry forward new ideas, remembering what I had already done on other occasions and developing a great and nice example.
At this moment I can feel that life is taking me to the right place where I want to go. In my future I see myself creating and developing different environmental centres.

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