Ryma Merouani

Hello there!!

My name is Ryma Merouani, I was born in Algeria and lived there with my family until I was 7 years. After that I moved to Portugal but I always had the Algerian culture with me.
I started being a teacher recently, and that is a big challenge for me in a good way. I have never had in my mind to be a teacher, but after finishing my 18 months programme and my service period in Zambia, I realized that being another kind of teacher makes a lot of sense.
Nowadays the world is focussed on producing lots of professionals that just work in one way and just for one thing ... And what about being another kind of teacher? Or working in another kind of school? Or with another kind of learning? That can work in many different ways, developing many things!

 Being another kind of teacher doesn't put me be in one small box, instead it gives me bigger possibilities to develop, manage and learn. One of the concepts is learning by doing. That is the education that gives the students and also me, the power of knowing capacities and qualities, that maybe they never thought they had! There are many reasons that made me think about being a teacher at CICD. The place, the people, the programmes, the projects, etc... We are a community with various nationalities and one of the good things here is learning about different issues from different people. This kind of environment gives us the opportunity to constantly learn new skills, build positive relationships with people and work together with them.
The feeling of knowing that after the training at CICD, the students will go as Development Instructors (DI-s) to a project to make a difference - this is something important and meaningful for a teacher. As a former DI I know the feeling of going as a DI to a project - and now I want to have that feeling as a teacher!