Hi everyone, my name is Edoardo, I come from a small reality in Northen Italy. I'm 20 yo, I've finished my studies in Human Sciences and I started to think about what my place in the world should be.
I'm always struggling on how can I be beneficial for the people who surrounds me and for those who really need help.
To find some answers to the "big questions" and solutions for the "big problems" in the world I started to inform myself about volunteering associations and, after a short experience in Nigeria, I found completely casually a CICD advertisement on Instagram.
In a very short time I realized that this was the kind of structure I needed to grow up and achieve my goals; It is another kind of school which offers you a 360 degrees view of the world and pushes you to figure out how, together, we can find solutions to problems.
So, if you want to be surrounded by amazing people who come from all over the world, if you want to shake yourself, if you want to develop new skills, if you want to learn more about the world you live in and if you want to do an amazing volunteering experience in Africa what are you waiting for? Join us! ;-)