Hello! My name is Catalina Morales. I am from Colombia but I have lived in Spain for 12 years, a country that has sheltered me and allowed me to train as a Natural Environment Engineer at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. When I finished my studies I decided to find a way to help, feel useful and contribute good actions that improve the environmental and social situation in which we currently find ourselves in the world and I found it at CICD!

Now I belong to the Gaia group that will participate in the poverty activist program in Zambia in August 2020, a program that adapts to my philosophy and ideals of life and that will surely give me great experiences and knowledge, and will also allow me to travel and meet people with big hearts and open minds, people who want to be part of the change just like me.
“We must work for the present and the future, and this will bring us greater joy than the simple enjoyment of material goods. Knowing that we are contributing to make a better world must be the maximum of human aspirations ”- Hector Abad Goméz