Hello, I’m Svenja, 18 years old and from a city in the western part of Germany. This summer, I have just made my A-Levels, but instead of directly going to University, I wanted to do something else. Yes, I love studying new things, but somehow I felt the need to get out of my comfort zone, widen my horizon and also learn more about myself before starting the next “big” chapter of live.
When looking through the mass of the volunteering programmes which are offered on the internet, I realised relatively soon that I was either too late to apply for the volunteer services supported by development policies - as they require the application approximately one year in advance - or felt that the other programmes didn’t fit my expectation of volunteering as the majority I found rather sounded to be to much in the direction of “voluntourism”. When I then found out about CICD I was directly interested in the idea of learning at first the most essential things which will then be used abroad.
After much of additional research, I am here now for the Gaia programme and the 5 months Climate Activist team. I arrived three weeks ago and up to now, I can say that I really enjoy it at CICD. Yes, the schedule with Gaia and all the community tasks is quite busy, but it is also totally inspirational to meet people which all have different stories to tell about their motivation to join CICD, their experiences in England and also from the project time. I’m really looking forward to the next eight months in community, fighting to make at least a little change.
“No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone”