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My name is Tomás Cunha, from Portugal. I joined CICD when I was 25 years old and had just finished my master’s degree in Evolutionary Biology.

I was born privileged and for me, this is a very important realization. When you are aware of this you can change your attitude and put your energy on different causes. In the end, is what you do with your life that defines your existence, not how and where you are born.

Being privileged allows you to live safe. To stay in your comfort zone. It can make you a bit disconnected from what the world really is. You will always be bombarded with information but will never really feel it in your skin. This way you can get trapped on your own personal issues and stop growing. Being self-centered is not a problem, is only part of being human… and modern societies are only a manifestation of this. But in the end, being privileged also means you have the opportunity of doing more... If you choose to.

CICD was an opportunity to turn my actions into something I consider meaningful, to learn more about myself and also, to help others to learn more about themselves. I am nothing more than a boat lost in the ocean. First of all, I want to get the boat stable, find my way through the raging waves and maybe get to safe land someday. Also because of this I joined CICD. I want to continue growing and thankfully, this beautiful world allows us to grow until we die.

I already started to grow. Living in community… getting to know what cooperation, responsibility, humility, self-involvement and synergy are. This is the first step of this journey.
Maybe you want to take it as well.