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I´m Ana from Málaga in Spain. I will start in the Climate Activist team in May 2020, and until there I am in the Gaia team.
Before I came here, I have done a hotel receptionist course.
I have been living in Scotland for two years to improve and learn English.
I have been a person that travelled a lot and I have always tried to ask about life in the countries where I have been.
I worked in a nursery before coming here and it was the best decision I could make, I assure you.
I always wanted to volunteer, I like to learn what happens in the world and above all help,
I am a person who likes to learn from others, have fun and contribute with what I know.
I am a girl with an open mind, I like all the different cultures of the word.
In principle I like education, to give people and children a chance at an education, but since I came here it has opened my mind to so many things that are necessary to learn ad study that I would like to learn about all that.
Honestly, I have not been a person able to make my own bread, etc…. but here they give me the opportunity to learn and welcome me as if I were in my own family and that you do not have it in many places due to work or routine!
So far I can only tell you that it is an incredible experience. Never forget that the road is not always easy, not because one day you go wrong...but every day is a new day.
Thank you so much for your time.