Beatriz Carmena

Beatriz Carmena from Spain, Climate Activist team May 2019
This part is for introduces myself, to write the things that define me ... The first one is my name: Beatriz. Second one, my country: Spain. That gives you a little advance of my personality from the stereotypes that you know. And the third one, my studies: I've recently finished my degree in Environmental Engineering in Madrid.
Why I am here? I've fallen in love with the rural communities, the way that they feel their nature, the way that they want to take care of you, the way that they think about the world and their future ... I love to live with them, I feel these communities as my place, and then, I found CICD.
I started in Mexico, two years ago, by doing an internship of monitoring sea turtles. When I was there, I worked with the communities around the beaches where the turtles lay their eggs. I fell in love with Mexico, with every single detail of my life there and because of that, I've come back there two times more with any valid excuse for working with them.
The people of the rural communities have a lot of barriers in their lives: they do not have funds for doing their own work, the climate change affects their fields, they do not have any health insurance nor hospitals near their communities, etc. For that, I really want to help people that live around the nature, the people who are ignored by the governments, and with difficulties in having a good life.
CICD was my choice to continue because here I can learn English (very important for doing any development projects if you want to have more experience in cooperation and leading groups, and so on.
Starting now, see you here! :D