Ana barbara

Ana Barbara Iglesias from Argentina, Climate Activist team May 2019
My name is Ana, from Argentina. I am a filmmaker and photographer. When I finished my studies, I started to work on cinema and audiovisual productions. Last year, I made a long trip around Asia and I spent 3 months in India. In that moment I knew that I want to work to change the negative things in the world and also travel around it with a job team. I fell in love with India and I chose that country to start my job. I thing that the change in the world is necessary, important and it is collective. My project for the future is to be able to integrate my knowledge. Collaborate in collective causes, offering my knowledge of audiovisual techniques and my creativity. I arrived to CICD two days ago. All is new for me. New people, new language, new home. The adaptation is difficult for moments. But I trust that I can do a good job here and achieve my dreams.