Adriana Millanel Rivas 2Hey there, I´m Adriana Millalén Rivas from Chile.
I decided to take a break in my professional career, get out of my comfort zone, away from what I know, my surroundings and routine, put my things in a storage and leave, the decision was not easy.
I decided to do volunteering! For 3 months I´m in #England at the CICD - College for International Co-operation and Development school, learning from other perspectives about global gaps:
👉 #education #poverty #sustainability among others, to later go to Africa or India for 6 months, to work in a community. We'll see how it goes! What emotions I will experience and what lessons I will find!
So far my conviction is unique... we can all give back to the universe that has brought us here.🙌♻️🌍