Hello! My name is Roser and I come from a little village in the Pyrenees. I love nature, people, food, the Earth and the cultures all around the globe. I hate injustice, so I chose to join CICD as a way to become an activist against all this social and environmental issues that harm humanity, societies and the Earth. Nowadays it is essential to open the eyes and be critic, think for ourselves and defend those, which are paying for all the selfish decisions taken by developed governments. As an occupational therapist, I would like to promote significant occupation, involve people in their community daily life activates and overall, promote physical, mental, social and occupational wellbeing.

Living in CICD is a life experience where you meet many great people and you learn about yourself. It is a place where you can reflect before starting the volunteering period. It is a challenging life decision as you start living in a community completely different from the reality you come from. It is the first step to realize about our own values and think about those small which really matters in our life.