My name is María from Spain. I´m 31 years old.
I came to CICD on October 2017. The life in comunity is a new adventure, we learn to share all things with people from diferent countries and thoughts.
For me it is a very heartwarming experience, because I´m learning a lot of things; a new lenguagge, to live without luxury and to appreciate the little moments.
Here you can disconnect from the consumerist and wasteful world in which we live.

I studied to be a cook 10 years ago. I worked in different restaurants and hotels all around Spain.
Some years ago I opened my onw restaurant. Between so much work, under stress and hurry,
one day I realized that I did not want this work for the rest of my life. In that moment, I realized I wanted to do something to help other peolpe who need it, something heartwarming and being able to grow as a person. I wanted to change.

For this reason I came to CICD. For me, this is the beginning of a great future project.
In CICD I have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge about nature, climate change, permaculture and learn about myself before going to the project.
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