Ana and Ryma

ana and rima

 About our experience in the projects, the only thing that we can tell you is that it was the experience of our life!

When you decide that you want to do something like becoming a Development Instructor you need to be sure that you are prepared to change a lot of things in your life.
Since we arrived here we improved a lot our English, we live surrounded by different cultures, different languages, different food, different way of living. 
It is amazing the things that we learned when we lived in a community and that we then could use when we went to the projects in Africa.

For us Africa was magic - the culture, the smells, the colours …... but especially the people. We worked with the elders, women and youth clubs in the community, to help improve the education and health - for example prevention of HIV/AIDS.  At the project you can develop a lot of new skills that even sometimes you don't know that you have, you become stronger, you will learn how to improve. 

If you are ready to learn, and to share your life experience, you are the right person to join our programmes!
You will see the real essence of the African or Indian continent, you will have the pleasure to meet some of the most humble people that you will ever come across in your life …. real fighters. And this will change you. 
To come here was a good choice for us, because first we learned and then we could put it in practise. A full experience.

“I am the master of my fate,. I am the captain of my soul”



I believe in change! My reasons to join

GabriMy 5 reasons for joining CICD:

  1. Because I believe in the change the world. We can do it.
  2. Leaving the comfort zone will make me grow and value things more
  3. I am learning many things about the problems around the world and also English
  4. I'm discovering the world and different ways of thinking. I like it.
  5. Search for new experiences












I want to help and fight - my reasons from Dumi reasons for becoming a volunteer are quite simple and pure. I am an empathic and I can feel profoundly what others feel.
Unfortunately, our world is facing many problems and when you become aware of that, you begin to understand how small you that moment you have two choices:
1.    To be motivated and to try to solve some of the things;
2.    To feel discouraged and to give up without even trying.

It’s incredible, but the more obstacles I encounter, the more my desire to fight grows.
I know who I am and what kind of person I wish to became. I want to live a life worth living, to mean something good in people’s life and to create a change, a beautiful and significant one... We think we have time, but the truth is that the present moment is all we have.
Some of our duties as humans are to love everything on the earth, to help each other, to believe in something greater than us, to be greatefulfor what we have, to understand and accept all the things that comes and to take care of the world we live in. In the moment that we’ll realize that we are all a unity, will be the moment when will arise a revolution of humankind....I was reading a lot of information and watching many documentaries about the reality of Africa.

dumitritaThis are the grounds that motivated me to be part in this path of volunteering:
-The desire of helping the most vulnerable people, the children, especially...because they are the most innocent and helpless creatures.
-The lack of the elementary necessities (water, food, hygiene, sanitation, medical assistance, decent standard of living, education);
-The major difference between the rich and the poor (some bathe in money while others are starving);
-The diversity of diseases that lead to deaths (Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Dengue, Cholera, Diarrhea, Meningitis, Pneumonia);
-The willingness to fight for justice and human rights. To inform the people about the power they hold, but are unaware of, and to convince them to claim their rights ( everything that is related with the discrimination of race, social category, colour, gender, religion, beliefs etc.);
-The desire to know another world: other cultures, life stories, ways of perceiving the world, in order to understand and to learn how to accept and not to judge;
-The need for growth and development as a human, with the aim to understand what it means to be happy with less; to discover the joy of giving and sharing; to redeem my values and and to look for the true purpose of a happy and fulfilled life.