The idea of the DmM computer based programme

The DmM System (Determination of Modern Methods) is a digital programme, and one of the tools in the interactive method of education used at CICD.

This system puts you - the student - in charge of your own studies.

Where traditional teaching methods are often organising the teacher as the master and the student as the apprentice, the DmM empowers both the subject, the student and the teacher.

The subject is identified specifically and categorised as one unit of information instead of being a part of the usual and continuous stream of pieces of information.

As a student you also add your own information and thoughts to the knowledge included in the subject.


dmm-2 dmm-3


This dialectical process is of no small importance for the creation of new knowledge and for the wonderful experience for both students and teachers: the studies make you knowledgeable and at the same time you are part of the creation of knowledge!

Empowerment of this quality and intensity is not normally included in any learning process.

As a student you are here being placed as what we can call the navigator of your own education.

This empowerment is of the utmost importance for you as a student in this programme.

Your role as a student is transformed: from an object for the teacher to teach - into a subject , the active party and the driving force in your own education.

So if one principle of the DmM should be emphasised, it should be the triple empowerment of subject matters, students and teachers in this creative and very dynamic process of learning.