next-team-moz-facebook Our Poverty Activist team is about to leave to their 6 months service period in Mozambique !!

Our Poverty Activist team is about to leave to their 6 months service period in Mozambique !!
It is a time of emotions and satisfaction feeling!
In their 5 months of training they got to know better their team mates with whom they will go to the project.
At this moment there are 3 teams, 1 trio and 2 duos, ready to start their service period with all the achievements they have got.
One trio is going to work in DNS Macuze, North Mozambique in Zambezia province.

DNS Macuze started its activities in 2001 with the aim of training teachers for primary education to be an active part of the country’s development, especially in rural areas. Solveig, Oxana and Paola are the trio going to be part of this project.
Ana and Romina are a duo who is going to work with vulnerable girls in Quelimane, also North of Mozambique in a project called Nikhalamo.
Nikhalamo is a project that is reaching 3000 vulnerable girls from 13 to 17 years and children from 3 to 5 years old. The aim of the project is to fight child marriage and empower girls and women by keeping them in the school, for a better future.

The last but not least team going to Mozambique is Abel and Zulima, they will be part of a nutrition project, Food For Knowledge, in Manhica near Maputo.
The project focuses on school feeding, nutrition training and school performance, began in early 2013 in 245 primary schools in Maputo province, and involve more than 65.000 primary school students as well as their parents, teachers, and their community,
The Development Instructors in their last 2 months of training have been preparing, within their project, pedagogical products which will use in their project with communities, students, kids, women’s club, primary schools etc.
At this moment, few days before their departure, the team is preparing and getting ready for their last people’s exam that will include the process of their preparations and the plan of with what they will work with at the project