Jose-3-facebook1 Jose working as a volunteer in Zambia tells about his experience

Project: DNS Teachers Training College , DAPP Zambia in Mkushi, northern Zambia

With this report I want to show the work so far by our team, and tell about some of my personal experiences working with the local people and the co-workers from DAPP Zambia.
Before we started, we had a meeting with the Project Leader where we agreed on a schedule for our work and the way we were going to work. We also got an explanation of how things work around here and a briefing of the work of the previous Development Instructors (DI-s)

Jose volunteering in Zambia

Jose volunteering in Zambia

Startup Ceremony In the Local Village

Startup Ceremony In the Local Village

The Opening of the school

The Opening of the school

The work so far has been with many different things:

Work with kids:

Green Actions:

DNS Teachers Training College

Work with communities:

Access for all to clean water with mono-pumps:

Rain water collection

Building a new school

Other projects:

About mixing with the local people
Most of the people here around are great, super friendly and curious about your background and the country you come from. Even if they don;t have much, and in some cases almost nothing, they seem to be somehow more happy than most of the people that I know back home. I'm guessing that by not being so infected by consumerism like us they haven't lost that part of humanity that in my own opinion we lost long ago.
The kids are amazing, really cheerful, sadly some of them are neglected and need a lot of attention, but the main thing they are asking for, and not with words, is love. The first honest and true hug that I have felt in years came fom one of these kids some weeks ago, it almost made me cry to be honest.
But as we know, not everything in life is pink coloured, the alcohol problem here is quite big, from Monday to Sunday you can run into people in the communities that are drunk or getting there.

The staff at DAPP Zambia that we work with have been helpful with us volunteers.
The project and the school really needs economic aid, they don't even have internet, the challenges that someone can face in the bush are many and to run a school, a proper one, they should have the proper tools to do so.
I have to say that the relation with my Project Leaders is quite good, they offer support every time I ask for it and the workers from DNS are always happy to lend a hand. Studens and teachers at DNS are super funny and always want to include us for actions, games and evening events.
Last week I played football with them, staff vs students and had a great time, although at the end I had a accident and injured my toe but now everything is great and dandy again.

A little about life as a DI / volunteer
Here I would like to say that it is an interesting way of living and of spending some months of your life, totally woth it, not easy and it has its dark sides – but again, almost everything is like this.
You have to be sure of your goals as a volunteer and DI and realise that you can do a lot of good to some people but it is also true that if you do things wrong you can do so much harm instead of helping. You have to be prepared to confront yourself more than one timeand break with a lot of standards you might have before becoming a DI. It's a very different way of life and not a bad one if I may add, you just have to be strong and willing to change things in your life.

Jose Torres Landazabal, Mexico / May Team 2017 Fighting with The Poor