karinTake my hand - and open your eyes   
This is our land – and this is our skies!

Take my hand - together we go  
In this world - a lot to sow
Seeds that come from deep in our hearts
To sow right is a piece of art!
Dirt and rubbish are flowing all over
The flowers we plant can hardly cover
We live in “one World” share the sea and the air
Powerful humans think of profit and do not care!

Life in our Oceans are under serious threat –
Great “Pacific Plastic Garbage Patches” float in the wet
5 big patches with billions of pieces of plastic still grow
Colourful Soups of “Non bio degradable plastic” we should all know
Birds try to eat it and fish do the same
They suffer terribly and die in vain
Birds on an island thousand miles away
Thought they found a safe and healthy place to stay
But Plastic in all colours and size
Reach the island for me a surprise
Maybe this toothbrush, bottle, plastic bag or empty can
Came from exactly yours or from my hand?
Oil and gas are needed they say instead of wind and sun
Fracking for oil and shale gas around us is like a Russian gun
It scares me that they are drilling and pumping chemicals in the ground
Make small earthquakes until oil and gas is found
But since we live in “one World” Sharing the sea and the air
We must learn about it and show that we care

Who are the ones to pay for the dirt that is done?
Those who have no-where else to go or to run
Or those who made a profit from the mess
Got rich and even got power from it I guess
Sure - They jump in their Airship or private Jet
Though I wonder how far they will ever get!
Poverty and Pollution are made by “man”
We have to reverse this as fast as we can!
All around the world is stressed
It is very easy just to get depressed
But because we Join hands and make reforms
The changes we can make together are enorm
By Karin Overgaard
(UN say 46.000 pieces of plastic can be found in every square mile)