Danny Danny from Fighting with the Poor 12 month’s course.

I was part of the Gaia Corse, as well as the Fighting with the Poor 12 month’s course.
During my preparation I have got a lot of new knowledge. The studies have been a eye opener, I got information I never had before. I have learned about politics, history, economy and science. I have learned so many things about Poverty, Global Warming and Climate Change, compassion and togetherness.

Besides the studies on itself, what really made a big impact on me was the practical skills that I have learned during my time at CICD, those skills and my new knowledge have equipped me to do a good job in Zambia as a Development Instructor. These skills also help me to become a more self-reliant person.

Together with my trio, I have been building a community market, providing access to fresh drinking water to thousands of people, teaching and doing community mobilisation and presentations. I have done things I never expected to do and honestly it was at CICD that I learned these skills, and got the knowledge and understanding to accomplish my goals at the project.

The different pedagogy and the close contact with the teachers have made a big impact on me. All in all I will be forever grateful to have had the experience I had in my 6 month project period doing Development work and the time I have spent at CICD in England, before and after the project period in Zambia.