Mozambique-children Half of Mozambiques population are under 18 years

ADPP is short for Development Aid from People to People in Portuguese, the official language of Mozambique. Mozambique was a Portuguese colony until 1974. Mozambique is one of the World’s 10 poorest countries - with 73% of the people in multi dimentional poverty. The people have huge obstacles in their fight to improve their lives. International solidarity from organisations such as ADPP is an important support.

Here below you get a glimpse of the stark reality of the conditions in this beautiful country. Further down you find the Year Report 2020 from ADPP Mozambique. It is full of impressive examples of how development work with solidarity and a People to People approach can create substantial change for the better! Enjoy the reading!

A few facts about Mozambique:

• Mozambique is 2016 km from north to south, divided into 11 provinces
• The population is 32.5 million people (2021), doubled since 1995
• It’s predicted to grow to 65.3 million people in 2050
• Half of the population is below 18 years
• 54 out of every 1000 children die at birth
• 13.2% of the adult population is HIV positive
• Adult (15 years and above) literacy rate is 60.7%
• Only 47% complete primary school (grade 5); only 8% continue to secondary school

About ADPP Mozambique

ADPP Mozambique started in 1982, and this year they are celebrating their 40 years anniversary. They operate 6o projects across all 11 provinces and reaching around 6 million people.
Below you find a link to their Annual Report 2020, describing their results and the different kinds of projects that are addressing the situation. IT is very good reading. There are beautiful results against all odds, improving the lives of people every day. For example: the 11 Teachers Training Colleges have trained 23 242 teachers since 1996!  Education is key to achieving development for the future, shoulder to shoulder with the people and through co-operation with many different partners who are financing the projects.

Click here to read the Annual Report 2020.

We will come back soon we hope!

During the first 20 years of training Development Instructors, many of our students from CICD went to the projects of ADPP Mozambique for their 6 month project period. Each one of them made a difference, in schools, clinics, health campaigns, Farmers Clubs and community development projects.
Since 2020, this has been impossible due to the Covid19 pandemic.
Here at CICD we look very much forward to the time (2023 we hope!) when our students again can join forces with ADPP and the people in Mozambique and take part in creating the open future together.