Irene from Spain

Hello everyone ; ) My name is Irene and I am from Spain!! I am 25 years old and I am enjoying the beginning of this experience. Before I made the decision to come here I was working as a children entertainer and I loved the job but I needed to search inside me and be true to myself after which I decided to come to CICD to follow my biggest dream: to be a volunteer in India!! To be honest, for a long time I was thinking about changing my materialistic lifestyle for a simpler one, and after a few days in this new environment I feel more free than ever!
Here everything is new and different. I know it will be difficult sometimes but I am sure will be an amazing experience probably the most important in my life until this moment!!!!
I hope you´ll join us and you'll can enjoy like I do !! : D

By Irene Sanchez, Spain / Poverty Activist Team August 2018 & Gaia team