Ines, Portugal


Hello! I'm Inês and i arrive to CICD a few weeks ago. I never had the chance to finish university because I was not appreciating what i was doing anymore. I was studying classical guitar which is a beautiful thing to do and made me who I am today, the problem is the way it is delivered to you and to answer all the quests to be a student of the education system where i was, you need to use your ego, not to work on it. People with a good heart can do whatever they want if they use their brain instead of their ego and for me, this unbalance is well known because it happens everywhere you go, this is what we are teaching to the students, to the young people, and i am very interested in education because it is like a switch of perspective and it can define the course of big things, so that's why i am here in CICD, because i want to be part of this kind of teaching, and being in places like India or Africa is how you understand that the perspective of people's needs changes depending on the culture.

Ines Aguiar, Portugal / Poverty Activist Team August 2018 & Gaia team