Hello, my name is Cristiana Garrido, I'm 26 years old and I'm Portuguese. Before working at CICD, I worked as a waitress at several hotels in Lisbon. Tired of the cosmopolitan life and the exaggerated capitalism in which we live, I decided to look for something that would fill me. I've always been curious about knowing different cultures and being able to do this helping people is very rewarding for me. For this reason, I have chosen the 12-month program (poverty activist) and hope to have an enriching experience and find out more about myself. Living in community has been a challenge for me, but I know that everything we live here is part of the experience and the path to knowledge. I am happy to have taken this decision and hope to make the most of this adventure. "I learned that a Human only has the right to look at another from top to bottom to help him get up."

Cristiana Garrido, Portugal / Poverty Activist Team August 2018 & Gaia team