Hello Everyone! My name is Zsolt. After two years of preparation I came here to CICD in March 2018 to change the path of my life. I had a job, I was paying my rent and stuff, had friends whom I went to have fun with, but that life was not enough, wanted to do something meaningful. Earlier I was in the traditional schooling system, have a degree in mathematics, was working in several different jobs, but none of them was actually "me". So I decided to come here, to experience other cultures, meet with new people, and to learn about myself.

Directly before I came here I was working for an IT company, supporting a pharmaceutical corporation. As I became more aware of the certain diseases that mostly affect countries which we usually consider economically poor ones, I wanted to actually go there and work with them. If I can make one life better I would be very happy.

Zsolt Gyarmati, Hungary / Fighting with The Poor, August 2018 & Gaia team