Juan Arellano

I am Juan and I arrived to CICD in 2018. I come from a town near to Madrid, my High school was a typical one, one of those schools that are how ‘’the high schools are supposed to be’’. When I finished, I started the university, as I was good a maths, and I though I loved science, I started a degree in physics, in Complutense University. During the time I have been studying in Madrid I went many times to nature, I have been interested in social problems, in different cultures. I always admired those people who work for other people, in their neighbourhoods or in other parts of the world, little people working together. Last year I decided to start changing the way my life was going, I decided that I was going to start to work with people and for people, but I had no idea how to start. At first I decided to move to Scotland, to work in different jobs, have new experiences, learn English… When I was there, I started to have much more interest in African culture and reality, I decided to construct my way of living..... and then appears CICD, the opportunity of learn and volunteer in a different way.
Now I am here, in the school, learning and living with the community, enjoying my time and working to go to Africa. I hope to continue developing myself, growing up, and working with people, and for people.
‘’Many little people, in many little places, doing many little things can change the world’’- Eduardo Galeano.

By Juan Arellano Tinto, Spain / Poverty Activist Team August 2018 & Gaia team