Hi, my name is José, I´m from Tenerife, Canary Islands in spain. I´m 24 years old and since I did arrive in CICD my life is changing each day. The life in community let me be myself and learn day by day new things of me that I didn´t know before. Not all the days and everything is wonderful but for sure that is an adventure and it is fun. I am doing collecting to cover my program, this job consist in go with a van between the diferent places where we have the containers and open them to collect the clothes and shoes inside. Really I feel lucky to do this because I´m learning to be responsable and serious at the same time that I enjoy travelling in the routes and knowing UK since inside, the people, the place´s and of course the big nature that has England. The best for me is that it is only the beginning, I´m here for 2 months and a half and I know that I will find a lot of challenges, until this moment I have a lot of things that I can do in CICD to improve more and more myself.

Jose Luis Dal, Spain / Fighting with The Poor August 2018 & Gaia team