Cristian from Spain

My name is Cristian, I am 28 years old and I come from Tenerife in Spain.
I haven't been able to have a stable job and I have done different courses of professional training without ever being very clear what direction my life has to take. However, there is something that I have always had very clear and it is not to settle for being a simple cog in this system in which we live.
From when I was 15 years old I look with great sadness at what we are doing in this world and the differences that exist between one country and others. I am tired of seeing for example as different projects put in place to improve my community do not receive support and almost do not arouse any interest and yet all the shopping centres are full of people who want to buy the latest fashion clothes or have the best phone of the moment.
I have always been interested in projects involving collaborative economy, fair trade, perma-culture projects, food self-sustainability and in general any project that promises to teach me and give me the tools to depend less on a globalised economy. 95% of consumption in the Canary Islands depend on imports, people do not grow food, there are no small companies that manufacture...... everything depends on large corporations. It is worrisome.

In CICD I have the opportunity to acquire more knowledge and put it into practice through development projects in different communities, while being able to know new languages and cultures.
I think it is simply a wonderful opportunity.